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about me

about me

This is the part where I’m supposed to impress you by drawing a parallel between me as a designer and Simba perched on pride rock – okay, so here it goes...

Oh look! A black and white photo of me. I was going to use a lot of Photoshop work to satisfy my ego whilst subconsciously giving you the impression that my look is timeless – at least until we meet. After that, you’d return to your people and inform them that I look nothing like my profile pic. So I didn’t bother. Plus. I was too busy working on real jobs.

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Some fun facts about me.
I’ll do this in as few words as possible. All the boring stuff you can get off LinkedIn.

1976 – Born at St. Vincents Hospital Melbourne on December 30.

1977 – Don’t remember much but there are a bunch of 70’s style photos that piece things together.

1978 – Same deal as the previous year.

1979 – Apparently I locked my mother – who was heavily pregnant with my brother at the time – outside on our third story balcony for a few hours until the fire brigade came to her rescue.

1980 – My parents introducted me to Superman and Superman II. That’s all... Game over! 

1981 – There are some photos of me at kinder with a haristyle like Erik Estrada from CHiPs (1977-1983 – 139 episodes). Yep. That’s what you get from parents who were hair dressers.

1982 – Began my schooling carreer at Our Lady of Good Counsil (OLGC) Deepdene.

1983 – The Principle slapped me and 2 other friends on the backs of our legs for being a bit too... umm... boisterous? These days they call it “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)” – Yeah, I’m still not convinced?

1984 – I seriously can’t remember much except for another hairstyle resembling that of Tony Danza from Who’s the Boss? (1984-1992 – 196 episodes). Once again, I had no say in this.

1985 – This was the year that I consider the turning point of my ‘life carreer’. I was inspired to become an Actor, play guitar and skateboard – all because of Back to the Future. 

1986 – Grade 4 – finished up at OLGC

1987 – Moved to Trinity Grammar School Kew

1988 – 1993 was a major blur...

1994 – Finished year 12. BOOM!

1995 – Tried to work out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Followed the artistic path.

1996 – Began Graphic Design at Swinburne TAFE Prahran. Had lots of fun.

1997 – Transferred to Graphic Design at Swinburne University Prahran. Had more fun.

1998 – Fun didn’t stop.

1999 – Graduated ‘Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design’. More fun mixed with the self realisation of that the real world was now upon me.

2000 – Began my carreer in Graphic Design and have NEVER SLEPT SINCE!

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