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This is the part where I’m supposed to impress you by drawing a parallel between me as a designer and Simba perched on pride rock – okay, so here it goes...


Oh look! A photo of me. 

I was going to use a lot of Photoshop work to satisfy my ego whilst subconsciously giving you the impression that my look is timeless – at least until we meet. After that, you’d return to your people and inform them that I look nothing like my profile pic. So I didn’t bother. Plus. I was too busy working on real jobs.

Say hello... 0402 828 700 or email me.

Some fun facts about me... I’ll do this in as few words as possible.
All the boring stuff you can get off LinkedIn.

1976 – Born at St. Vincents Hospital Melbourne on December 30.

1977 – Don’t remember much but there are a bunch of 70’s style photos that piece things together.

1978 – Same deal as the previous year.

1979 – Apparently I locked my mother – who was heavily pregnant with my brother at the time – outside on our third story balcony for a few hours until the fire brigade came to her rescue.

1980 – My parents introducted me to Superman and Superman II. That’s all... Game over! 

1981 – There are some photos of me at kinder with a haristyle like Erik Estrada from CHiPs (1977-1983 – 139 episodes). Yep. That’s what you get from parents who were hairdressers.

1982 – Began my schooling career at Our Lady of Good Counsel (OLGC) Deepdene.

1983 – The Principal slapped me and 2 other friends on the backs of our legs for being a bit too... umm... boisterous? These days they call it “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)” – Yeah, I’m still not convinced?!?!

1984 – I seriously can’t remember much except for another hairstyle resembling that of Tony Danza from Who’s the Boss? (1984-1992 – 196 episodes). Once again, I had no say in this.

1985 – This was the year that I consider the turning point of my ‘life career’. I was inspired to become an Actor, play guitar and skateboard – all because of Back to the Future

1986 – Grade 4 – finished up at OLGC

1987 – Moved to Trinity Grammar School Kew

1988 – 1993 was a major blur...

1994 – Finished year 12. BOOM!

1995 – Tried to work out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Followed the artistic path.

1996 – Began Graphic Design at Swinburne TAFE Prahran. Had lots of fun.

1997 – Transferred to Graphic Design at Swinburne University Prahran. Had more fun.

1998 – Fun didn’t stop.

1999 – Graduated ‘Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design’. More fun mixed with the self realisation of that the real world was now upon me.

2000 – Began my career in Graphic Design and have NEVER SLEPT SINCE!

Read all the boring stuff on LinkedIn